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2019 December Minutes Posted on 12/3/2019
2019 November Minutes Posted on 11/5/2019
2019 October Minutes Posted on 10/1/2019
Sporting Chance is a nonprofit organization providing outdoor opportunities for physically and mentally challenged adults and children. We help make experiences in the great outdoors a reality.

Our objective is: Providing opportunities for people with disabilities to enjoy the outdoors through hunting, fishing and recreational activities.

Through its members and volunteers, we have been able to bring a "Sporting Chance" to many individuals who are physically or mentally challenged. We provide them alternative means to hook the big one, bad a trophy deer, call in a wild turkey, bag a pheasant, swish the snow-capped slopes, ride the waves on Nelson Lake, or just go for a pontoon ride and enjoy the great outdoors!

Join us in a worthwhile activity!

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Sporting Chance by Steve Piper

My hunting days are numbered
at least so does me think.
For the Lord does have that number,
and will take me quick as a wink.
But ‘til He does come take me,
I'll hunt and fish everyday I can,
And I'll do it with my partner,
known as best friend to man.
We've walked ‘bout every field,
from here to settin' sun.
And she's always there beside me,
when the day is done.
The birds they don't come easy,
and my game bag is usually light,
But to me and my friend it doesn't matter
when we come home at night.
She accepts my every weakness,
my disability as well,
For when we're in the field,
I don't think either of us can tell.
The pain that's so prevalent,
when I wake at dawn,
Somehow doesn't matter,
in the time that we are gone.
For hunting and fishing are my life blood,
always in my veins,
And will always be there,
as long as life remains.
I thank the Lord in heaven,
for my life He did enhance
For with friends, His grace and blessing,
I got my "Sporting Chance."

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