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2018 October Minutes

by SC Secretary: JR Kasper

Posted on 10/2/2018

Sporting Chance Minutes

Attendance: JRK, Bryan H., Erich K., Sue C., Stan T., Elaine M., Sarah S., Roger B., Ray B., Nathen W., Lexie K., and Jim & Matt G.

Review Minutes: September 4th minutes were reviewed Ray B. made motion to accept minutes as is and
Sue C. second motion…motion passed

Review Treasures Report: Erich K. updated members present on balance in checking account and amount in CD's as of the 30th of September. Sue C. made a motion to accept treasurer's report as is and Matt G. second motion…motion passed.

Fundraiser Ideas:
Pizza Ranch: JR talked to Kyle. Fund raiser is done over the school year, and this spring is full. We need to pick up application to fill out and turn in. They will contact this fall to arrange a date. Event would be SC volunteers would help serve, wash dishes, and clean tables one evening during supper rush. SC would then receive a portion of the proceeds for helping. Use it as lead in to B2PH this fall, with money raised used for event to help offset costs.
04/03/18: May not have enough volunteers
05/01/18: JR is going to fill out application for this fall
06/05/18: Application filled out & turned in…will be contacted for date
06/25/18: nothing new to report
08/07/18: nothing new to report
09/04/18: nothing new to report
10/02/18: Date set for December 3rd, will need at least eight volunteers. SC receives portion of proceeds sold for buffet from 4 to close that day, and 100% of tips. Posters available to advertise event.
Need 36 tip jars…Kroh's, JR, & Stan have glass jars to use.
4:00 - 4:30: train and set tip jars
Volunteers: JRK, Jim & Matt G., Stan & Matt T., Ray B.
Greeters - 1 to 2 people
Bussers - 4 to 6 people
Servers - 4:30 to 8:00 PM
Clean-up - 8:00 to 9:00 PM

Shelter at Center: Posts still need to be painted or covered and landscaping completed…tabled until April 2015. Bryan will coordinate with Barry to landscape area around shelter and paint/cover posts.
07/07/15 Update from Bryan H. … no action taken. Bryan H. will contact Barry about possibly scheduling equipment and volunteer work during member campout in August.
04/05/16: Tabled until May
05/03/16: Tabled until June
06/07/16: Tabled until August
08/02/16: Do work at member campout? Member campout cancelled
09/06/16: 23 posts - 4-1/2" in diameter, lengths vary…create cover post at 48"… Table until June 2017 since work did not get done with member campout being cancelled. Work day has been set for 06/10/17 to finish stop barriers, landscape, and clean shelter for Escape To Lake.
04/04/17: Need to change work day as the original work day now coincides with the AGFE. No work day set, possible work day suggested 06/03/17
05/02/17: Work day set for 05/09/17. Scott W. volunteered to pick up necessary supplies. He has a connection with Midwest Plumbing
06/06/17: No work day planned…possibly at member campout. JR is going to check on pricing for 5" pipe & caps
06/27/17: JR called Western Steele and Plumbing. They carry 5" pipe. The cost of the pipe is $3.41 per foot, and $13.70 per cap. The approximate cost to cover pipe with PVC and cap will be $700.00. We are short $300.00.
08/01/17: JR led discussion regarding existing products purchased for shelter and what to do with them. A recommendation was made to take back all purchased items before 90 day window is up and we can only get store credit. If we are to proceed with PVC covering move forward with the 5" pipe found at Western Steele and Plumbing. Sue made motion to take back items and Stan seconded motion…motion passed
08/05/17: UPDATE…missed getting refund applied to credit card by one day. We now have a store credit at Menards for $344.87
09/05/17: Discussion held to increase budget to $1000.00 in 2018, and table work until April 2018 and schedule work day at that time. Ray made motion to add $1000.00 to 2018 budget and table work day until April 2018, Bryan seconded motion…motion passed
04/03/18: Need to set a work date to complete work at Shelter in Center or remove from agenda
decided at meeting to paint posts instead of covering with plastic pipe
04/28/18: Stan, Erich, Nathan, & Jackson cut posts level
05/01/18: Need to set two dates to complete work
Back fill & concrete pipes: Nathan, JR, & Bryan…done 05/05/18
06/05/18: need to set date to finish up… Sand, prime, & paint
06/25/18: need to set date to finish up… Sand, prime, & paint
08/07/18: Erich is going to contact Ray B. to determine type of primer and paint to purchase. Sue suggested contacting Boy Scouts to help paint….JR volunteered to contact Boy Scouts and set date to sand, prime, & paint. Tentative date to sand, prime, and paint is the weekend of August 25th.
09/04/18: JR contacted Boy Scouts and visited Dave Saklicki. He said absolutely the Boy Scouts or Cub Scouts would help with the project. We discussed a tentative date of September 22nd to prime & paint posts. We will need a couple SC volunteers to assist, and cook and serve hotdogs for cub scouts helping. Update from Erich & Ray on paint…
10/02/18: Tony from cub scouts contacted JR, and said he would present to board on 09/24/18. May have multiple packs helping and continuing to assist SC in future. JR informed Tony SC would like posts painted this fall, and only date that will not work is weekend of 10/13/18…Ray suggested plan for spring to allow time for paint to dry and cure with temperature above 50 degrees

Member Picnic: Friday 09/21/08 - attendance was low, approximately 15 people attended

Teddy Roosevelt Day: Sunday 09/30/18 - no one attended event

Crossbow Sales:
Sale of old crossbows: $50.00 per crossbow: all crossbows have been sold
Jim G.
Scott W. - paid 08/14/18

Hunting Blinds:
Hard sided portable blind: placed at Neil Ness's place 09/26/18
Davenports: blind setup
YCC: blind setup
Marathon Refinery: can we hunt there? If not coordinate to move blinds off property
Bryan met with manager and they are interested in helping SC, and allowing us to continue to hunt there and will have an answer for us by the 15th of October.

Sportsman Expo: December 7th & 8th - floor space reserved, 20'x20' end cap floor space $325.00
JR contacted by Syd Stuart, TownSquare Media is making SC featured charity for Expo this year. We will be getting free publicity during event in form of banners, and radio ads. JR has supplied Syd with SC logo and information about SC.
Volunteers: JRK, Matt G., Sue, Lance, & Stan

Tune Up Shoot: Monday 09/24/18 - Matt G., Dan M., Loren, & Erich B. attended along with volunteers Jackson, Bryan, Nathen, and Lexi K….cost was $45.00

Life Jackets: life jackets purchased from Scheels $612.38
Large: 5
XL: 5 mesh top…like Dan M.
XXL: 5 mesh top…like Dan M.
XXXL: 5 mesh top…like Dan M.

Dakota Center For Independent Living (09/18/18): No one from SC attended

Officers & Board Members: Terms expiring at end of year
President: Bryan Haag (701-400-9315) 2018…Sue will move into presidency spot to finish her term
Secretary: JR Kasper (701-226-6578) 2018
Board Member - Stan Thompson 2018…Stan volunteered for another term
Board Member - Paul Meyer 2018…Nathen volunteered
Board Member - Tonya Meyer 2018

Email for Lexi K: Email is being setup by Odney for Lexi " linked to
JR asked to have email address " created and added to Board Members email group, Erin Schwengler from Odney is making the change
Waiting on Tanya from Krafty Webworks to provide GoDaddy account information to Odney and SC.

Sam's Club Community Grant: JR filled out grant, received & accepted on 08/22/18
Check - check received and made out to wrong organization. JR is working with Sam's Club to get corrected. Contacted Sam's Club manager…give check to Jim G. and he will give to manager so new check can be issued to SC.

Amazon Smiles: Bryan setup account on Amazon to donate a percentage of sales to SC. To use navigate to Smile Amazon and select Sporting Chance….navigate and shop as normal

Deer Hunting:
Qualified Hunters:
Dan M.
Erich B.
Matt G.
Paul M.
Matt T. = hunted 09/30/18 - unsuccessful

Goose Hunt: Ray is working with Falkirk Mine for a goose hunt, waiting for geese to sit on river.

Pheasant Hunt: 10/13/18 & 10/14/18
BNI releasing 50 pheasants for SC hunt. Tim C. is coordinating with Mitch W. on where to release birds on Friday before hunt.
Bryan has SC shotgun and suppressor
Bryan will confirm reservation with Civic Center and request kitchen key
Barry has reserved Center Gun Club
Bryan is picking up case of clays from H&H Guns
Erich purchased batteries for radios
ATV #1 - Kurt D.
ATV #2 - Roger T.
ATV #3 - Matt H.
ATV #4 - Corey
ATV #5 - Mortz Sport & Marine
Sue - Saturday & Sunday
Erich - Saturday
Sarah - Saturday & Sunday
Jim - Saturday & Sunday
Stan - Sunday
Weigums - Saturday & Sunday
Tim C. - Saturday & Sunday
Bryan & Matt H. - Saturday & Sunday
Patty F. - help in kitchen on Saturday & Sunday
Brian K. - Sue contacted
Jon L. - Bryan contacted
Bob K. - Ray contacted
Matt G. - YES
Loren - YES
Matt T. - NO
Dan M. - YES
Pat H. - YES
Erich B. - YES
Dan A. - Roger contacted
Paul M. - YES
Roger - YES
Paul P. - Sue contacted
Mark U. - Bryan contacted
Less M. - JRK contacted
Travis F. - YES
Schedule for Saturday & Sunday:
8:00 AM - leave campground for gun club
8:15 to 9:00 AM - shoot clays at gun club
9:30 AM to 12:00 PM - hunt pheasants
12:00 PM to 1:00 PM - sack lunch in the field
1:00 PM to 5:00 PM - hunt pheasants
5:30 PM to 7:00 PM - hot meal at Civic Center
8:30 AM - leave campground for field
9:30 AM to 12:00 PM - hunt pheasants
12:00 PM to 1:00 PM - sack lunch in the field
1:00 PM to 3:00 PM - hunt pheasants
Kupper Chevrolet Truck: Bryan will request from Jay B.

Meal: sack lunch in field & hot meal at Civic Center
Sack Lunch: sandwich, chips, cookie, & water - Nathen & Lexi will make up sandwich
Hot Meal: SC will provide hot dogs, and chili along with sides to go with each
JR will pick up one case of hotdogs from Cloverdale
Pizza Ranch is donating one case of chili, ready for pick up on Friday 10/12/18
Potluck for sides
Track Chair: JR will reserve from G&F, and Ray will take to event
Camper: Bryan will pull
Spray Coupe: Bryan will pull
ATV's: pull two trailers (trailer with UTV, & trailers with two ATVs)
Camping: Barry reserved four spots at Center Campground
SC Camper ( Pat H. staying in)
Jim & Matt G.

Gun Raffle Drawing: held at 8:30 PM
Rug SR22 22 LR Black = ticket 0537….Ricky Sailer
Ber PX4 Storm Compact 9mm = ticket 0037…Cassandra Mosbrucker
Canik TP9 SFX 9mm 20rd = ticket 0521…Brian Gion
Tristar Viper G2 Silver 12 Ga = ticket 0673…Juli Rittenbach
Tristar Setter 20ga 26" 3" = ticket 0618…Michael Schneider
Rug American Pred 6.5 Creed SS = ticket 0242…Kathy Brown
Howa Lightning 30-06 = ticket 0489…Shamus Ritken
Sav A17 Thumbhole 17HMR = ticket 0063…Lisa Goetz
Sav 93R17 BRJ 17HMR Fluted = ticket 0200…Al Engdahl
APF Alpha Carbine 223 Wylde = ticket 0044…Jim Keller

Erich made motion to adjourn meeting and Seconded by Stan…Meeting Adjourned