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2018 June Minutes

by SC Secretary: JR Kasper

Posted on 6/5/2018

Sporting Chance Minutes

Attendance: JRK, Erich K., Bryan H., Sue C., Lexi K., Nathan W., Elaine M., Bob W., Paul & Tanya M., Ray B., and Jim & Matt G.

Review Minutes: May 1st minutes were reviewed Bob W. made motion to accept minutes as is and
Paul M. second motion…motion passed

Review Treasures Report: Erich K. updated members present on balance in checking account and amount in CD's as of the 4th of June Bob W. made a motion to accept treasurer's report as is and Elaine M. second motion…motion passed.

Spring Turkey: deadline for applying is February 14th. The spring turkey season opens April 14 and continues through May 20
Matt G. successfully harvested turkey with a crossbow near Menoken
SC shotgun returned to JR

Fundraiser Ideas:
Gun Raffle: tickets available for members wanting to sell
Pizza Ranch: JR talked to Kyle. Fund raiser is done over the school year, and this spring is full. We need to pick up application to fill out and turn in. They will contact this fall to arrange a date. Event would be SC volunteers would help serve, wash dishes, and clean tables one evening during supper rush. SC would then receive a portion of the proceeds for helping. Use it as lead in to B2PH this fall, with money raised used for event to help offset costs.
04/03/18: May not have enough volunteers
05/01/18: JR is going to fill out application for this fall
06/05/18: Application filled out & turned in…will be contacted for date
06/25/18: nothing new to report
Sidewalk Sale at Sam's Club: Jim offered to smoke pork butts and serve as meal at Sam's Club
05/01/18: Jim will follow up Sam's Club…serve pulled pork sandwich & chips
06/05/18: discussion held regarding start up cost of fundraiser what projected sales would be to break even. Conservative estimate is needing $300.00 seed money to prepare a pulled pork sandwich, chips, cookie, and pop. JR led discussion regarding concern for amount of seed money needed and volunteer as well as date not being set. Bryan agreed with with JR's concern. A motion was made to not pursue until we can find out what dates are still available at Sam's Club. Jim was going to check on dates
06/25/18: update from Jim G.
Sam's Club Donation: Jim mentioned Sam's Club has a $1000.00 donation. Jim felt SC has a good chance of us receiving the donation. The application is on Sam's Club website. JR offered to download application and fill it out

Escape To The Lake: June 16th at Nelson Lake
NDAD worksheet: filled out and ready to go
Fill out release applications for volunteers & t-shirt size: forms filled out and emaled to Leslie for…
Nathan & Lexi
JR & Abby
Ray, Kathy, Austin, & Mindy

AGFE: set for 06/09/18
Graner Bottoms - reserve shelter and camping spots on 03/15/18…called and Mandan Moose had already reserved shelter #1 for 06/02/18. JR called and visited with Morton County Park Board director, Tim, and we have secured shelter #1 for the first weekend in June for as long as SC would like it going forward. We will need to contact the Morton County Park Board in January to inform them of our intention of using it for the year.
Participants - only 26 participants preregistered for event
Walleye Wizards - JR contacted Mike Klug and they are willing to help with event again this year.
Camping - Who is camping?
SC Camper
Damien, Elaine, & Dan M.
Mitch & Angela W. (JR contacted them and they would like first spot by river)
Ray Jr.
NDGF: contacted for group fishing license go for June 7th thru June 10th.
Posters: posters have been printed and are available for distribution
Donation Letters: Letters have been written. Need volunteer to go around to businesses to submit and fill out donation request application
Kupper Chevrolet: Okay to use pickup
Dan's Super Market: $100 gift card
Sam's Club: $25.00 gift card
Cloverdale: gift card
Scheels: 37 tackle boxes for participants & 13 tackle bags for boaters (one per boat)
Surprise Church/Mercy Box: four volunteers committed to help
Paul Keen
Jamie Wetch
Glen Fink
Kelly Dollinger
Scott Kaylor
Matt Kaylor
Austin Barchenger
Walleye Wizards (four boats confirmed)
SC Pontoon

Shelter at Center: Posts still need to be painted or covered and landscaping completed…tabled until April 2015. Bryan will coordinate with Barry to landscape area around shelter and paint/cover posts.
07/07/15 Update from Bryan H. … no action taken. Bryan H. will contact Barry about possibly scheduling equipment and volunteer work during member campout in August.
04/05/16: Tabled until May
05/03/16: Tabled until June
06/07/16: Tabled until August
08/02/16: Do work at member campout? Member campout cancelled
09/06/16: 23 posts - 4-1/2" in diameter, lengths vary…create cover post at 48"… Table until June 2017 since work did not get done with member campout being cancelled. Work day has been set for 06/10/17 to finish stop barriers, landscape, and clean shelter for Escape To Lake.
04/04/17: Need to change work day as the original work day now coincides with the AGFE. No work day set, possible work day suggested 06/03/17
05/02/17: Work day set for 05/09/17. Scott W. volunteered to pick up necessary supplies. He has a connection with Midwest Plumbing
06/06/17: No work day planned…possibly at member campout. JR is going to check on pricing for 5" pipe & caps
06/27/17: JR called Western Steele and Plumbing. They carry 5" pipe. The cost of the pipe is $3.41 per foot, and $13.70 per cap. The approximate cost to cover pipe with PVC and cap will be $700.00. We are short $300.00.
08/01/17: JR led discussion regarding existing products purchased for shelter and what to do with them. A recommendation was made to take back all purchased items before 90 day window is up and we can only get store credit. If we are to proceed with PVC covering move forward with the 5" pipe found at Western Steele and Plumbing. Sue made motion to take back items and Stan seconded motion…motion passed
08/05/17: UPDATE…missed getting refund applied to credit card by one day. We now have a store credit at Menards for $344.87
09/05/17: Discussion held to increase budget to $1000.00 in 2018, and table work until April 2018 and schedule work day at that time. Ray made motion to add $1000.00 to 2018 budget and table work day until April 2018, Bryan seconded motion…motion passed
04/03/18: Need to set a work date to complete work at Shelter in Center or remove from agenda
decided at meeting to paint posts instead of covering with plastic pipe
04/28/18: Stan, Erich, Nathan, & Jackson cut posts level
05/01/18: Need to set two dates to complete work
Back fill & concrete pipes: Nathan, JR, & Bryan…done 05/05/18
Sand, prime, & paint: ??? need to set date
06/5/18: June 15th set to sand and paint posts

Member Campout: cancelled, and will have a member picnic in September. Sue volunteered to coordinate.
Picnic - Sue reserved shelter at Jaycee Park for September 14th, from 4-11 PM. The shelter and Beverage permit has been purchased, $95.00.

Crossbows: Ray mentioned it is not good…update from Ray at next meeting
Bryan made suggestion to not get existing bows refurbished.
JR contacted Tenpoint:
Visited with Sabrina (P) 1-330-628-9245 (E)
All donations for the three companies go through her
No application to fill out
Horton, Tenpoint, & Wicked Ridge have merged into a single company
JR emailed Sabrina on April 26th with information about SC and what we are looking for. In the request JR mentioned needing three crossbows.
06/05/18: JR was contacted by Tenpoint and they offered to sell SC as many Invader G3 Crossbow combos as we wanted for $339.00 per bow package. A motion was made to purchase three crossbows by Bryan, seconded by Ray. JR will contact Tenpoint and purchase three crossbows.

Camper: clean, stock, and prepare for summer:
Ray - DONE
Pontoon: prepare for summer:
Brian & Matt - DONE
Trailers: check and make sure they are ready for summer; check tire pressure and general maintenance :
Brian & Matt - DONE

McQuades: Who would like to coordinate volunteer effort? June 23rd & 24th
Paul M. volunteered to coordinate event

Minnkota Donation: Info. presented by Bryan H.
Donating to SC for Escape To Lake
Upgrades to shelter
Life jackets
Minnkota donate $1000.00, and bank will match
06/05/18: Bryan attended presentation and accepted $2000.00 from Minnkota and Bank

Aberdeen Water Ski Event: August 17th & 18th
Bryan H. & Ray B. attending event

Parade: Decision made not to be a part of the July 4th parade

Leon Enget: Lance's father & Jacey's grandfather passed away. A motion was made to send a $50.00 bouquet to family from SC.

Next Meeting: motion made to move meeting to end of June. Bryan is going to check and see if Tuesday June 26th is available and let officers and Lexi know to post on FB.

Elks or AMVETS: need to finalize meeting destination. If we are staying with Elks someone needs to contact AMVETS and let them know of our decision so they can open up room reserved for us, and also need to go and take down SC sign by elevator at AMVETS. A motion made to stay at Elks. Bryan will contact AMVETs to let them know of our decision, and stop by to remove plaque from AMVETs

JR made motion to adjourn meeting and Seconded by Bryan…Meeting Adjourned