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2018 March Minutes

by SC Secretary: JR Kasper

Posted on 3/6/2018

Sporting Chance Minutes

• Attendance: JR K., Erich K., Bryan H, Stan & Matt T., Lexi K., Nathan, Sarah S., Lance E., and Jim & Matt G.

• Review Minutes: February 6th minutes were reviewed Lance E. made motion to accept minutes as is and
Matt G. second motion…motion passed

• Review Treasures Report: Erich K. updated members present on balance in checking account and amount in CD's as of the 5th of March Matt G. made a motion to accept treasurer's report as is and Bryan H. second motion…motion passed.

• Banquet: Wrap-up…
o 74 people showed up for banquet
o $1010.00 in memberships (23 single & 11 family)
o $427.00 made from Chinese Auction
o Elks Lodge:
 Banquet: All comments were positive; meal, atmosphere, and facilities were all very nice.
 Move monthly meetings to Elks: Bryan led discussion to move monthly meetings to Elk Lodge, The Elks Lodge will not charge SC for use of a meeting hall, and they have the first Tuesday of each month available through the end of the year. The meetings at the Elks Lodge would take place in the PER Room (Past Exalted Rulers) JR suggested trying it on a trial basis through summer. Nathan made a motion to temporarily hold meetings at the Elks Lodge from April thru July…Sarah seconded motion. Motion passed.
• Suppressor: picked up at Tribune Sports Show on the 17th of February. Also purchased Benelli adaptor chokes $331.70 (3 choke pack: full, modified, & improved cylinder)
o Update Trust: Need to submit paperwork to add officers as well as Lance and Stan to trust. JR will contact Dakota Silencer to start paperwork to update trust.

• Mercy Box SC was selected for month of April. SC was promoted on TV & Radio March 1st & 2nd

• Spring Turkey: deadline for applying is February 14th. The spring turkey season opens April 14 and continues through May 20
o Who was drawn? Bismarck Unit is number 98, North of Mandan is unit 30, South of Mandan is unit 99
 Dan M. was drawn, Ray B. will take out hunting

• Reel and Rec Tournament: 05/19/18, contact person is Morgan Russell 701-880-0223. Clean fish for AGFE
o Volunteer: JR & Nathan…any other interest?
 Lance, Sarah, & Erich
• AGFE: tentatively set for 06/02/18
o Graner Bottoms - reserve shelter and camping spots on 03/15/18
o Walleye Wizards - JR will contact
o Camping - JR, Mitch & Angela, Lance, Scott K., Chris S., Mazieka's & SC camper
o Cook & Serve Meal: talk to Ray and see if his friends would be interested in volunteering to cook at event this year
o Vounteers:
 Century Boys Soccer
 Mercy Box
 Stilettos Group

• Fundraiser Ideas:
o Gun Raffle - discuss at next meeting when Bryan present. Would like to have raffle in place with tickets by May 19th of Reel and Rec tournament.
 Discussion held to hold a gun raffle with raffle tickets available for sale by May 19th. We have $5000.00 budgeted for seed money to purchase guns for raffle. Bryan feels we can purchase 15 guns for raffle. JR led discussion to create 800 tickets and focus on selling all 800 tickets at $20.00 a piece. Goal is to sell $16000.00 in tickets, clearing $11,000.00 after deducting $5000.00 for seed money.
• Bryan is going work with H&H Guns to purchase guns & obtain raffle permit
• JR will work with Rick from Image Printing regarding the printing of 800 tickets
o Put chance of winning on ticket
o Larks Baseball Games - Matt mentioned selling ticket packages as fundraiser…members present were not interested in purchasing ticket packs to resale for game
o Stillettos - JR is going to contact and see if they can help organize a fund raiser for SC
o Pizza Ranch - JR will contact Kyle at Pizza Ranch regarding fund raiser options.

• MRCTL: March 25th JR will attend spring shoot and bring SC shotgun. Young man in wheelchair will be there. JR is going to coach him and guide using new shotgun setup. Young man goes to Shiloh

• Escape To The Lake: June 16th at Nelson Lake

• McQuades: June 22nd thru 24th…any volunteers to coordinate event?

• Facebook Donation: We received an anonymous donation in the amount of $10.00

Bryan made motion to adjourn meeting and Seconded by Jim…Meeting Adjourned