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2018 January Minutes

by SC Secretary: JR Kasper

Posted on 1/3/2018

Sporting Chance Minutes

• Attendance: JR K., Bryan H., Erich K., Sue C., Sarah S., Loren J., Kendal & Leoda, Lexie K., Nathan & Drake, and Jim & Matt G.

• Review Minutes: December 5th minutes were reviewed Erich K. made motion to accept minutes as is and 
Sue second motion…motion passed

• Review Treasures Report: Erich K. updated members present on balance in checking account and amount in CD's as of the 1st of January. Matt G. made a motion to accept treasurer's report as is and Bryan H. second motion…motion passed.

• Crossbows: update from Ray…contacted Horton regarding the possibility of replacing some crossbows or rebuilding our existing Horton crossbows.
• 10/03/17: Bryan made a recommendation to budget for a new crossbow in 2018. Ray seconded motion…motion passed
• 11/07/17: Update from Ray….Ray not present
• 12/05/17: Update from Ray….nothing new to report
• 01/02/18: Update from Ray…Ray not present
• 02/06/18: Update from Ray…

• Deer Hunting: wrap up…11 individuals provided opportunity to hunt deer, with five deer harvested

• Banquet: Update from Sue & Lexie, AMVETS only available Saturday dates are 12/09/17 & 05/05/17. AMVETS charge $250.00 to have open bar, and cost per plate is $15.50. A motion was made by JR to investigate other venues, seconded by Scott W. Sue reserved the banquet hall at the Elks for this year's Member Appreciation Banquet. Erich Stopped at Elks and made 150.00 deposit to hold our space for Feb 10
• 01/02/18: Update from Lexie & Sue = price per plate is $16.50 for two meat meal with dessert. Event begins at 6:00 PM with social, followed by dinner at 7:00 PM. Not as many door prizes received as in years past. Elks will provide podium & projector, projection screen along with device to play video.
• Invites will be sent out by the 19th of January.

• Suppressor: currently being reviewed by ATF

• Website: ODNEY turning over email services…good news we will be able to update email addresses without help of KraftyWebworks. All email addresses and distribution lists have been updated with new server, and for new board members.

• Mercy Box: charity organization wanting to raise awareness and items for SC. Selection process was January 5th.

• Finalize 2017 Budget: Reviewed spending for 2017

• Ice Fishing: Date set to fish is January 20th. Location will be decided by Ray and Bryan

• Deer Blind: Discussion led by JR to use Menard gift cards, $344.87, to supplement with $200.00 to purchase a semi-permanent blind replacing the blind that was ruined during winter of 2016. Bryan made motion to purchase blind and Sue seconded motion…motion passed. Erich volunteered to purchase blind.

• Spring Turkey: deadline for applying is February 14th. The spring turkey season opens April 14 and continues through May 20

• Bryan H. out for shoulder surgery in February

Erich made motion to adjourn meeting and Seconded by Sarah…Meeting Adjourned