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2017 December Minutes

by SC Secretary: JR Kasper

Posted on 12/5/2017

Sporting Chance Minutes

• Attendance: JR K., Bryan H., Erich K., Sue C., Sarah S., Loren J., Stan T., Kendal & Leoda, Bob W., Ray B., and Jim & Matt G.

• Review Minutes: November 7th minutes were reviewed Matt G. made motion to accept minutes as is and
John second motion…motion passed

• Review Treasures Report: Erich K. updated members present on balance in checking account and amount in CD's as of the 1st of December. Bob W. made a motion to accept treasurer's report as is and Jim G. second motion…motion passed.

• SC Website: SC members please register on website to be included in email distribution group

• Sportsman Expo: Wrap Up…held on December 8th and 9th. Event went well gave away three memberships, received two radio interviews, and three new contacts for participants.

• Crossbows: update from Ray…contacted Horton regarding the possibility of replacing some crossbows or rebuilding our existing Horton crossbows. Bryan made a recommendation to budget for a new crossbow in 2018. Ray seconded motion…motion passed

• 2018 Board Election:
o Treasurer: Erich Kroh (701-425-4074) 2017….Erich volunteered for another term, expires December 2019
o Board Member - Scott Westergaard 2017…Ray Barchenger 2019
o Board Member - Matt Grensteiner 2017…Matt volunteered for another term 2019

• Deer Hunting:
o Blind Locations:
 Dan Davenport: Yes we can hunt the blind for deer, turkeys, and any upland game that comes by… JR will coordinate hunts at Davenports. Can harvest 4 does & 1 buck
 Endeavor Refinery (2): Yes we can hunt the blinds at Endeavor, Bryan will coordinate hunts at Endeavor. Can start hunting after 10/15/17. We can harvest 3 does & 3 bucks at Endeavor
 Gabe Brown (land East of Bismarck):
 Jason Boehm (land by Kist Livestock): Jon B. not present to provide update
 Randy Barnhardt (land West of Mandan): contact info 471-5003…Bryan's friend
 Fort Lincoln: Bryan visited with park…Cannot hunt at Ft. Lincoln, only was able to hunt in 2015 when deer population was up
 Doctor Leidenix (land N of interstate in deer gun unit 3B3): Ray check with NDFG and obtained name. He will follow up with seeking permission
o Volunteer Assistance with range: anyone needing to qualify contact JR
o Deer Hunters: green highlight is qualified hunter

 Casey = hunted 10/20/17
 Paul P.
 Matt G. = hunted 09/27/17
 Loren J. = successfully harvested deer at Davenports on 09/10/17
 Paul M. = hunted 10/16/17
 Dan M. = successfully harvested deer at Endeavor on 10/28/17
 Erich B. = hunting 10/04/17
 Mark U. =
 Seth K. = hunted 09/02/17…successfully harvested deer 12/17/17
 Jacey E. = qualified to hunt 09/17/17
 Mike N. = would like to hunt weekend of pheasant hunt
 Matt T. = hunted 10/10/17, 10/28/17, 11/12/17, & 12/17/17
 Chris Stoltz = hunted 12/09/17, harvested deer

• 2018 Budget: items to discuss for addition to 2018 budget
o Items to Add to Budget:
 $1000.00 requested & approved to finish shelter at Nelson Lake
 Look at new internet provider
 $300.00 to purchase set of skies and aluminum to create new outrigger.
 $1000.00 to purchase one crossbow
o Budget Meeting: 10/26/17 @ 6:00 PM (four officers & Stan, Ray, & Sarah
o 11/07/17: review proposed budget
 Adjustments made to 2018 budget:
• Removed $200.00 to repack bearings on pontoon trailer. They are a maintenance free bearing (oil bath bearing) and do not use grease.
• Added $100.00 to budget for Pipe's Dream to make modifications to gas tank Scott W. donated, and to purchase pipe insulation to cover rail system on platforms
• Carried over $700.00 to make adjustments to shotgun and suppresser once acquired. This money ($1500.00) was budgeted in 2017 to purchase shotgun and make modifications. Shotgun cost $800.00, leaving $700.00 for modifications.
• Advertising:
o Missouri River Clay Shooting: Erich visit with high school coach to inform them of shotgun for someone to use,
 Missouri River Clay I spoke at their last meeting and I told them we have a shot gun with a suppressor and would be willing to borrow out to group if we had a youth that could use it like someone in a wheel chair for example
o Capital City Sporting Clays: Erich visit with Mark Sandness at CCSC to see about sponsor wall.
 The signs on the club house are for state sponsors that are 1ft x 1ft cost is 125.00 for the year and applies to when they have state at his location. They supply the sign. Which they are in 2018.
 Another option is a 3ft x 2ft we purchase from like sign pro, has to be on aluminum so they last. The sponsorship is $150.00 a year and the sign is set up on the range for one of the stands.
• Stan made motion to work with Mark and create sign and yearly sponsor, Sue seconded motion…motion passed $300.00 to purchase sign & $150.00 annual yearly fee, total $450.00
 Another option is we come up with a dollar amount and Mark can look at different options to apply it towards, like the youth program for example.
o Banquet: increase budget to $2000.00 since we are looking at venues outside of AMVETS

• Banquet: Update from Sue, AMVETS only available Saturday dates are 12/09/17 & 05/05/17. AMVETS charge $250.00 to have open bar, and cost per plate is $15.50. A motion was made by JR to investigate other venues, seconded by Scott W. Sue reserved the banquet hall at the Elks for this year's Member Appreciation Banquet. Erich Stopped at Elks and made 150.00 deposit to hold our space for Feb 10
o Elks: Banquet being held at Elks Lodge on Feb. 10th, 2018….6:00 PM social with meal being served at 7:00 PM.
o Meals: SC will charge $12.00 per plate for non-members
o Mailing: invitations mailed by January 19th

• Grant Letters: during budget meeting a proposal was made to write grant letters to local clubs seeking donation. Anyone interested in coordinating this effort?
o Meet with Stiletto's Club: JR & Scott are going to met with Heidi R. on November 14th. Heidi liked program and is eager to help SC anyway their club can; volunteers & financially. Heidi is going to take list of requested items listed below and see if the Stilettos would be interested in sponsoring an item to two. She is also going to provide the name of a grant writer for us to work with, and contact a some companies on our behalf regarding the sponsoring of equipment.
o Items Requested:

 Life Jackets
 Crossbow
 Portable Hunting Blind
 Outrigger
 Gas Cards
 Game Camera

o Organizations to Contact:

 Pheasants Forever
 Delta Waterfowl
 Wild Turkey Federation
 Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
 Ducks Unlimited
 Eagles
 Moose
 Elks

• Schedule 2018 Events:
o AGFE = 06/02/18
o Escape To Lake = 06/16/18
o July Meeting moved to 06/26/18
o McQuades = 06/23/17 thru 06/24/18
o Parade = 07/04/18
o Member Campout = 08/04/18 thru 08/05/18
o Aberdeen Ski Trip = 08/18/18
o B2PH = 10/13/18 thru 10/14/18

• Suppressor: currently being reviewed by ATF

• Website: ODNEY turning over email services…good news we will be able to update email addresses without help of KraftyWebworks

• Goose Hunt: Ray took Matt G. goose hunting

Scott made motion to adjourn meeting and Seconded by Lance…Meeting Adjourned